What She Makes

Welcome, and thank you for reading along. First things always have the feel of beginnings. But this is no beginning really – just the middle of things. As we go along, I’ll fill in the pieces of the story you don’t have yet.

This is a blog about – well, about a generous handful of things, things overflowing your fingers and becoming armfuls. Bodies and praying: these for sure. And making, as in probably too many pairs of hand-knitted socks, sometimes daily loaves of bread, occasional poetry, amateur art, once in awhile a sermon, and maybe even love.

We’ll see where it all takes us, but here’s what I’m envisioning for now: I can’t help but talk about theology and spirituality, so we’ll probably always at least end up there, somehow, even if I don’t tell you that’s what we’re doing or even if neither of us see it coming. But along the way, we might also get to art and the artistic process, questions of sexuality, kitchen life and food, dirt, politics and social justice, community and hospitality and belovedness, probably also church, and occasionally what I’m reading. Something like this. It will all probably revolve around embodiment and what it means to love God while being a body. I imagine it might become a somewhat polished collection of shitty first drafts (thank you, Anne Lamott, and also I might cuss now and then.)

At the end of the day, I know you could be reading any blog, anywhere, and so you honor me by reading this one. I’ll keep that in my mind as we go. Really, I need a regular witnessed place to write so that I’m accountable for doing written work, and if you’re here, it’s likely because we’re friends, or you know one of my friends – which means you’re the kind of witness I want for the days ahead. Thank you for showing up.







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