You are welcome here. Whoever you are, whatever body you have, wherever you are in this journey of life, I’m glad you came.

I’m Shannon.

Feb 2017 SS 361 x 400

You have stumbled into my wrestlings, my honest questions, the stories I’m staking my life on, all in rough draft form. I’ll make wild assertions. Sometimes, I’ll be downright wrong. But the business of living is too important, too brief even, to hang out in the silence waiting for the perfect word, entertaining all the fears a mind can devise and all the reasons not to speak.

Most of the rest will come out in time, I think. A few significant facts, and then I’ll save the rest of the details for the good stuff.

I’m a recent transplant to Houston, a socially progressive and biblically serious Christian, and a seminary-trained Community Coordinator writing liturgy and leading worship for a dinner church. I’m a single parent to a teenage wonder roaring toward manhood day by day, but I also rarely single parent, living in community with beloved friends who together overflow whatever gaps you might assume were left. I have a year until forty, which means I’m nearing midlife and flirting with all potential crises it can bring. I’m quirky and this stage of life is a bit weird, but you would have known this soon enough. These are the gists, I think.

Please, make yourself at home.