In which I glue my eyelid to my eyelid…

It’s 10pm on Valentine’s evening, and I am blinking into the driver’s side sun-visor mirror, otherwise in the dark of the Target parking lot, muttering “girl... girl...” to myself. I am waiting for the sixteen year old’s dance to end so I can go pick him up and have purchased false eyelashes in the meantime, for [...]

Mercy for the pain

  Sometimes we talk as if changing our views, coming to new understandings, is a cognitive exercise, a battle of aligning our mind with the work of justice. We didn't know things, and now we know things - knowledge at the center. But deconstruction is the stuff of guts. Not like "having the guts to [...]

Remember that you are love

Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return. I look up from my place leading worship to see my kid the moment after the ashy cross is smudged across his forehead.  He is teenage-swaggery, a slight smile as he moves toward the table for bread and cup, so very alive, his youth making [...]

Some kiss we want

"Love that loves us, thank you." - Marina, "To The Wonder." "There is some kiss we want with our whole lives, the touch of spirit on the body." - Rumi   In our hallway is one of those whiteboard calendars, with day boxes and space for the month, little magnets and dry erase markers in [...]

Intuitive Sexuality

I tell you all of this, the thing about ovaries and dating apps, because sometimes I just wonder if we're talking about this kind of thing enough. In a world of constantly branding ourselves through social media, and all the ways we curate the window displays of our lives, and how even public vulnerability sometimes [...]

In which I tell him, and I quote: “Now, I’m not nearly as gorgeous as you, but I do make a mean stack of pancakes.”

Maybe we don't have to talk (too much) about why I had a dating app on my phone. Suffice to say, it was complicated, a weird collaboration between an observation, a few anxieties, and my aging ovaries. Let me explain. The observation: At Christmas, all my siblings are meaningfully paired off with significant others, now [...]