Remember that you are love

Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return. I look up from my place leading worship to see my kid the moment after the ashy cross is smudged across his forehead.  He is teenage-swaggery, a slight smile as he moves toward the table for bread and cup, so very alive, his youth making [...]

On the bench under her pear tree

So often my mind returns to that place, a barn and pasture hidden up the winding roads in the hills of east Kentucky, out of sight from the main road. In those quick and unbidden glimpses of memory, the times when my mind goes there like a flashback to some earlier significant scene, it is [...]

For the love of dog

"When you're finished with what you're doing, can you bathe Gabby?" It's Saturday morning, lazy in the kennel of the animal hospital except for this load of laundry, that stack of three dog bowls waiting to be washed. All the boarders are morning napping, running after squirrels in their dreams, and I have so much [...]